Gujarat High Court Dy. S.O. Answer Keys / Paper Solution (Exam held on: 15/09/2013)

By | September 17, 2013
Questions asked in Deputy Section Exam Held on 15/09/2013

Earth Rotate in which direction?
West to East

who is the Opposition Leader of Rajyasabha?
Arun Jetli

Opposition Leader of Gujarat Assembely?
Shankarsinh Vaghela

Which Key is Used to Enter in “Current Cell”?
Spacebar key

Which Shortcut is used to select whole Coloum of Current Cell?

Which Country is Largest Producer of Tobaaco?

Longest River of the world?

Which indian cricketer takes First Hat-Trick in World cup?
Chetan Sharma

Which of Following is an Operating System?
MS-DOS (as per given option)

Which of following language directly understand by Computer? assembely

Mohenjo dado is Located in
province of Sindh, Pakistan

Who Wrote Geet Govind?

Que. Current CM of chhatisgrah?
Ans. Raman singh

Que. How many new district is created in gujarat?

Que. When sun and earth get closed toghether?
Ans. 3 january

Que. Wil Ass santury in india?
Ans. Gujarat

Que. Poet in akabar darbar?
ans. Abdul rahim khan e khan

Que. Oposition leader in gujarat assembly?
Ans. Shankqr sinh vaghela

Que. Oposition leader in rajya sabha?
Ans. Arun jetali

Que. 3 question from question tag..
Ans. Answer of that question is like::
If question is in positive manner
Then ans is in nega4ive manner
Ex. You have an apple
Ans. Havn’t u?

Que. Gujarati: oposite of “gharada gada vale”
Ans. “sathe budhdhi nathe”

Que. Gujarati:”ochhu aavavu” similar?
Ans. “Dukh lagavu”

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